Non-profit and non-governmental organizations have an unfortunate reputation of being poorly managed, pay no attention to effective and efficient management, are wasteful of resources and do little to effect change in their own operations as they focus on change in the communities where they work. Kaepe Solutions works with organizations to address these issues and to change these perceptions.

With more than 25 years of senior management, practitioner experience, lessons learned and best practices, Kaepe Solutions provides support to non-governmental organizations to strengthen and build capacity in administrative and management systems, increase organizations’ ability to compete for and manage donor resources, and enhance their ability to be in compliance with the regulations of the donors, local laws and their own internal operating procedures.

Kaepe Solutions collaborates with organizations to help them succeed.

Our Core Competencies

Operations and risk management

  • Assess operating systems, identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps
  • Develop and implement systems and plans to reinforce the strengths and address the weaknesses and gaps
  • Conduct risk assessments to manage and reduce risks
  • Review and build standard operating procedures to increase operational excellence, promote standardization and ensure compliance
  • Conduct reviews and investigations for alleged fraud and non-compliance
  • Provide guidance and support for strategic plan implementation

Audit and compliance standards

  • Prepare organizations for external audits and compliance reviews
  • Conduct internal audits and compliance reviews
  • Assist organizations to establish internal audit and compliance functions
  • Develop and implement corrective action plans for audit recommendations and compliance review findings to prevent repeat occurrence of findings
  • Respond to audit findings and non-compliance to reduce organizations’ liabilities, disallowed costs and risks

Donor requirements, rules and regulations

  • Provide guidance on interpretation of donor rules and regulations
  • Address conflicts between donor requirements and organizations’ procedures
  • Facilitate trainings on donors’ rules and regulations

Organizations’ capacity building and excellence strengthening

  • Provide technical assistance to enhance organization’s systems
  • Assist with proposal and budget development for donor funding
  • Assist organizations to design and implement performance metrics
  • Develop trainings materials
  • Provide temporary direct support, in an “acting” capacity for operations management positions
  • Assist with the recruitment of appropriate operations staff
  • Presentations on organization’s competencies, risks and strategic planning to boards, senior management and staff